Come get your @$$ kicked in this high-powered striking class. Punching, kicking, combos, dodges – all are part of this nonstop 55-minute workout. And the end of this class, expect every muscle to feel like Jell-O, but it’s so much fun, you’ll be begging for more.

What is Striking?

Everyone knows boxers are lean. Come get your @$$ kicked in a kickboxing class. Punching, kicking, combos, how to dodge, all thrown into a constant stream of movement for 55 minutes that will have you saying *#@$! It’s that tough!

What is striking? Boxing and kickboxing taught by the masters. Your instructor possesses a lifetime of martial arts background. You’re going to get lean while learning the arts. Our Striking class in Southampton PA is amazing.

What is a Strking workout like? Imagine being worked like a professional kick boxer. We’re going to work on the mobility required to initiate the punches and kicks, teach you how to use your hips to generate power throughout each movement, give you enough combos so that your arms and legs feel like jell-o, while keeping you begging for more.

How do you begin? Simply show up 15 minutes before class starts. If you have wraps and gloves, bring them. If not, we have extra wraps and gloves for you to use.