CrossFit Coach


Penn State University ’13, B.S. in Kinesiology

Arcadia University ’16 Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Athletic background:

High School level soccer and track

College level club soccer and boxing

Crossfit 3 years

Training specialty:

Love to perfect bodyweight movements like pull-ups, push ups, and squats (even burpees on occasion) However, the power clean is my favorite lift. Technique and proper body mechanics is the foundation of power movements and the key to improving strength.

Why CrossFit LifeForce:

I found CrossFit LifeForce (or it found me) when they rented a space inside a gym I used to frequent during my holiday breaks from Penn State. Once I got a taste, I could not return to the regular gym. I joined a CrossFit gym at Penn State, and once I graduated I got my CrossFit Level 1 and began working at CrossFit LifeForce. CrossFit LifeForce has proved itself to be a gym all about functional fitness and health, which is something I have invested all of my education in. All members have different strengths, weaknesses, and skill levels and I believe that cultivates the best learning experience. Everyone brings something different to the table. It is wonderful to watch members grow and be able to contribute to their quality of life/movement.