Our Philosophy

We believe that fitness is an individual journey best travelled with good friends by you side. We believe it is our responsibility to help you through that journey through a combination of effective workouts, excellent coaching and a solid community. We will help you push your limits, dig deeper than you ever imagined, and work harder. The only thing between you and your next goal is you. Find your inner strength and develop a passion for fitness. Constantly challenge yourself. Get focused.

Each of our programs is designedwith our philosophy in mind. These programs will push your limits, keep you focused and get you the success you deserve. Whether you’re six or sixty, just starting out or looking to compete, our programs are designed to motivate and produce results.


More Choices in Southampton

CrossFit, F.I.T., Striking and Yoga. Our programs is available six days per week from 6am through 7:30pm. Get the workout YOU want at the time YOU want it. With our wide range of schedule options and classes, you will surely find a program that is right for you. Come see why so many people in Feasterville-Trevose, Southampton choose CrossFit Lifeforce as their gym of choice! Try us and see for yourself.

Better Coaching

Jon Anderson and Steve Softly are known throughout the NE Philadelphia CrossFit community in Pennsylvania for running one of the best programs around. The decades of experience as a coach, instructor and trainer show at our CrossFit gym in Southampton. You’re sure to fall in love with coaches who truly care about you. Try us and see for yourself.


Do you tire of the dreaded elliptical or trying to pass the time running on the treadmill? We are the home for F.I.T. Boot Camp in Southampton, PA. F.I.T. gives you one solid hour of High Intensity Interval Training using every toy available inside a CrossFit gym. Since it’s inception in 2012, FIT has helped thousands of people around the US get into the shape they’ve longed for. This program challenges you while keeping the weight light so that you are always comfortable. A F.I.T. workout burns up to 900 calories per hour while keeping you moving through a variety of movements you won’t find anywhere else. Try us and see for yourself.



There is a reason why so many people have fallen in love with CrossFit. We train hard! We use a barbell 4-5 days per week. Our CrossFit programming at CrossFit Lifeforce in Southampton, PA is the true definition of Constantly Varied Functional Movements done at High Intensity.  If you are looking to get strong, we are the place in NE Philadelphia to achieve it. Each day your coach and a new workout of the day (WOD) are here to keep you motivated and challenged. Our personal trainers scale workouts to your level and to your age. Try us and see for yourself.


Crossfit Lifeforce in Southampton is the best to start CrossFit, begin Boot Camp, lose weight through exercise or just get in shape. This is the only beginner’s CrossFit program in the NE Philadelphia area which can be scheduled around you. Because of its comprehensive introduction to CrossFit, you can start today even if you’ve never worked out before. If you’re just getting started for the first time in years or are a seasoned athlete, we have a program for you. You wont find a better way to get started doing CrossFit in Southampton.

Try us Today!

Crossfit Lifeforce is here to help you meet your fitness goals. We welcome you to try a class with us. Our coaches, training programs, nutritional guidance, and the CrossFit Lifeforce community will keep you coming back!  Start moving towards your goals and come visit us today!