CrossFit Coach

I came to CrossFit Lifefore through a Groupon back in 2011 and was instantly hooked. Prior to Crossfit, I had been involved in a variety of workouts, from zumba, yoga, Tai Chi, and MMA fighting along with the step aerobics, swimming, running you find at the big box gyms. Crossfit brought the challenge and variety that clicked for me. The workouts are challenging and the coaches are focused on proper form and are great at scaling options to be sure that each person is getting in a great workout.

When I heard about the Crossfit specialty course for Striking, it seemed like a great fit – kickboxing style strikes with traditional Crossfit movements. I completed the CF-LF1 Certificate in Sept 2014 and then got the Striking Certification in Oct 2014. I’m excited to be one of the Crossfit Lifeforce coaches and feel lucky to bring Crossfit and Striking to the athletes of Lifeforce.