This program is designed as a yoga-style class, perfect for athletes who constantly work their muscles and need a deep stretch. We’ll focus mainly on your shoulders, back, hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings, spending time in each posture to really stretch those connective tissues. Take a break from the high-impact workouts, connect with your body and clear your head.


Flex is designed for the F.I.T. and CrossFit athletes who beat their bodies into the ground for a good workout. Think of it as Yoga for Athletes.

This class is designed to stretch out your shoulders, back, hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings especially, those muscles that are constantly worked by our athletes. Spending a longer amount of time in postures allows for a deep stretch of the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, and joints) that are typically overworked and neglected in a highly athletic lifestyle You will be able to relax and build a connection to your breath as we begin to flow through a few sun salutations, bringing some heat and opening to your muscles. Then we settle into some deeper postures allowing for an intense stretch and some moments for meditation and reflection. Expect adjustments and encouragement from the instructor, as you let go of the stress and worries of everyday life. Everyone deserves a little time to themselves to clear their head. Why not treat your body better while you do it?

Each class will finish with a couple deep stretches so you still leave feeling relaxed. If you need a break from heavy lifting or high impact exercise, come check out our Flex class in Feasterville Southampton PA. You will get a great workout and a great stretch, leaving you feeling more connected and in tune with your body. Sweat guaranteed!