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CrossFit Lifeforce Success Story: Tiffany D.

By January 10, 2015 No Comments

Crossfit has completely changed not only my physical appearance, but my mentality as well.  I love the family atmosphere and the encouragement that CFLF offers.  It lets people know that anyone can do it, no matter size or shape, as long as they have the will and drive to fight for it.  It taught me to stop trying to be the first to finish and compete with everyone else, and realize that my only competition is myself, and that my goal to beat is my last PR and just finish the WOD in whatever time just as long as I finish!  It has opened up a whole different side of me and now I am going to get my level 1 and hopefully become a coach, and pass on my love and passion for CF to others who are willing to fight!

-Tiffany D. 

* Results may vary in terms of weight loss

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