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October 14, 2015

Workout of the Day Deadlift (download BigLifts2 app for your smartphone) 5×40% (warm up) 5×50% (warm up) 3×60% (warm up) 3×70% 3×80% 3+90% then Press 5×40% (warm up) 5×50% (warm…

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PreWOD Shoulder + Hip mobility for OLY movements Met Con “Isabel” 10-15min rest “Grace” For Time: X30 Snatch 10-15min rest X30 Clean and Jerk

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PreWOD Met Con  Chipper: For time 10x Deadlift (Heavy) 20x Burpees 30x Hang Cleans 40x HRPU 50x Ball Slams 60x Double Unders 70x SDHP w/ Kettlebell or barbell

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