Burn before the Bird

Dynamic warm up

Burn before the Bird

Compliments  of CBCF.


To kick off the event:  800 meter run as a team


1.  50 meter burpee broad jumps

both teammates may work at the same time

and must do 25 meters up and back.

2. 200 meter buddy carry .

you may only travel with a teammate on your back and may switch at anytime.

3. teams will run  400 meters then partners will alternate 3 rounds of 21 KB swings ,

run another 400 meters then complete 3 rounds of 12 pull ups each.

4. 1500 meter team row  divided equally. You may break it up anyway you want.

5. 30 reps ea Clean and jerk 135/95, 95/55 , 100 air squats

one partner will perform 6 C&J's  while the other partner completes 20 air squats.

the team will perform 5 rounds of this.

6. 200 sit ups per team .  one person working at a time, the other person holds a plate over head

you may only work when the plate is held overhead.




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